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Do it yourself: Build a home and let us assist you with it.

A large part of all our goals in life usually involves building a home for ourselves. Each one of us aims at having a house in the country side or a place that belongs completely to ourselves even in the hustle and bustle of a crowded city. Our house reflects our personality, style and gives us a sense of security which very few other things can give. Owning a house usually involves an architect drawing out a plan, a design engineer work on the structure, a group of labours working on the construction and us worrying frantically about how the house must be done up. The alternative is to not hire anybody else but to build a home from the scratch all by ourselves. It does sound like a herculean task but it is possible. And, there are lots of people who dream about building their house with their own hands. This is where they can find help in doing so. We offer our expert services to people who are doing up their houses without hiring outside help.

There are a few basics one has to keep in mind before building a house that have to borne in mind.

Find a building site:

Finding a building site which you find is located at a place which is convenient to you is recommended. Finding a place in the outskirts of the city because of lesser land prices and commuting to your office which is in the centre of the city can be very exhausting. So, the smart thing to do would be to find a place closer to your work place but not in the area where the price has sky rocketed.

Obtaining a home loan:

Finding a bank or a financial institution to back you up financially when building a house is a wise thing. This reduces your anxiety about having sufficient funds in hand while building your house. One can always repay the amount over the years at a certain rate of interest.


Carefully planning the look of the house according to one’s imagination, necessity and budget is very important. One must be very careful about the amount of loan that he or she shall incur. It is a good idea to include systems such a rain water harvesting or terrace gardens while planning. Apart from the basic planning, such facilities add to the market value of the place.


This is when the anxiety and the jitters set in. One has to make decisions about obtaining the building materials and labours to execute the project without glitches and at reasonable costs. But, with the right people to help you out, this can be sorted out. But, if you are the kind who would like to build his/ her house with his/ her own hands, then, it is suggested that you still consider taking advice from a professional agency which will help you out with the rest of the processes.

We completely understand the importance of having to own a home right from the beginning. This does not mean only in terms of buying a house or just paying for all the works. This can also extend to really owning every inch of the house and adding your personality to it at as every brick is laid. And, so we offer complete support and solutions for any of your building issues. From, excavation to planning to obtaining bank loans to building to plumbing and electrical fixtures to the interior decor we offer our expert advice.



Your house defines who you are. Let the Identity be strong.

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